Interactive Programs to Promote School Pride

Interactive Programs to Promote School Pride

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School pride is an essential component in building a successful school community. Having pride gives students a sense of ownership. When students have a direct stake in something, they have more determination to complete what they are doing successfully and generally take it more seriously. This is powerful as it can transform a school as students put more effort into their daily work and extra-curricular activities they may participate in because they want their school to succeed.

All school administrators want to see their students take pride in themselves as well as their school. The following creative programs can help promote school pride among your student body. They are designed to resonate with a different group within your student body. Each program promotes school pride by involving students in an aspect of their school or recognizing students for their strong leadership or academic skills.

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Peer Tutoring Program

This program allows those students who excel academically to extend a hand to those students in their classes who do struggle academically. The program is typically immediately after school and is oversaw by a certified teacher. Students wishing to be a peer tutor may apply and interview with the teacher who is the sponsor. The tutoring can be either small group or one-on-one. Both forms are found to be effective.

The key to this program is getting effective tutors who have good people skills. You do not want the students being tutored to be turned off or intimidated by the tutor. This program instills school pride by allowing students to build positive relationships with one another. It also gives the students who are tutors the opportunity to expand on their academic successes and to share their knowledge with their peers.

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Student Advisory Committee

This program is designed to provide school administrators with an ear from the student body. The idea is to select a few students from each grade who are leaders in their classroom and are not afraid to speak their mind. Those students are hand selected by the school administrator. They are given tasks and questions to talk to their fellow students about and then voice the overall consensus from the student body.

The school administrator and the student advisory committee meet on a monthly or bi-weekly basis. The students on the committee provide valuable insight from a student's point of view and often offer suggestions to improve school life that you may not have thought about. The students selected to the student advisory committee have a sense of school pride because they have valuable input with the school administration.

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Student of the Month

Many schools have a student of the month program. It can be a valuable program to promote individual success in academics, leadership, and citizenship. Many students set a goal of being a student of the month. They strive to receive that recognition. A student can be nominated by a teacher and then all nominees are voted on by the entire faculty and staff each month.

At a high school, a good incentive would be a close parking space for the person selected each month as the student of the month. The program promotes school pride by recognizing strong leadership and academic skills of individuals within your student body.

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Grounds Committee

The grounds committee is a group of students who volunteer to keep the school grounds clean and well maintained. The grounds committee is overseen by a sponsor who meets with students wishing to be on the committee each week. The sponsor assigns duties such as picking up trash in different areas outside and inside the school, putting up playground equipment and searching for situations that may be a safety concern.

The members of the grounds committee also come up with large projects to beautify their school campus such as planting trees or building a flower garden. Students involved with the grounds committee take pride in the fact that they help keep their school looking clean and beautiful.

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Student Pep Club

The idea behind a student pep club is for those students not participating in a particular sport to support and cheer for their team. A designated sponsor will organize cheers, chants, and help create signs. The pep club members sit together and can be very intimidating for the other team when done the right way.

A good pep club can really get into the heads of the opposing team. Pep club members often dress up, cheer loud, and support their teams through a variety of methods. A good pep club will be extremely organized and will also be clever in how they support their team. This promotes school pride through athletics and the support of athletics.


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