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Online Memory Sharing

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These five online memory sharing sites offer opportunities for tech-savvy families to discuss, share, and record their family histories, memories and stories.

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Forget Me Not Book

This UK-based company offers a free online place for writing down your family memories and inviting family members to contribute theirs as well. Photos can also be added to enhance the stories, and when you're ready to share you can select any or all of the stories to print into a physical soft-cover book for a reasonable fee. Family members can also add messages for the group of invited participants or comments on any of the stories. Click on "Example Book" on the home page for an example of what to expect.

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Initially launched through a Kickstarter campaign, this free storytelling app for iPhone/iPad makes it fun and easy to capture, save, and share personal audio memories and stories. This is a good app for recording either personal memories, or short stories from your relatives, and includes prompts to help get you started. Easy for even seniors to use and everything is safely stored in the cloud, with options to share either publicly or privately.

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Simple and free online tools make it easy to collect and share stories in what they call a "Tapestry." Each Tapestry is private, which means that in order to see the stories it contains and add your own you have to be invited by an existing member of that Tapestry. Weeva will also create a printed book from your Tapestry for a fee, but there is no obligation to purchase a book in order to use the free online tools.

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Story of My Life

A number of free online tools help you to write all of the different stories that make up your life, and enrich them with videos and pictures while securely storing and making them accessible - forever. You can also choose privacy settings for any part, or all, of your story, and create a family network to share forums, files, calendars, and photos. Permanent "forever" storage of your stories and memories is available for a one-time flat fee.

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This family social networking service has been around for years, and offers a public or private site where your entire family can stay connected and share photos, videos, and stories. There is a limited free option available, but premium monthly subscription plans offer increased or even unlimited storage for photos and videos, which invited relatives can access for free. Members can also post their family trees there so relatives can share their family history research and stories alongside current photos and life events. You can also keep a family events calendar that automatically incorporates living relatives' birthdays and anniversaries.


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